Create a MindTrap Escape Room Venue

An equation that can fulfill your business targets.

Once you choose the scenario you wish, we get the work going. Our team crafts all the necessary material required for the room to play, while our creative team adjust the scenario you have chosen to your space and needs. Then, we deliver the game constructions to your location and our team comes to set everything up and train you & your staff .

Getting in the entertainment industry is a choice with a substantial possibility of success. Let alone if you do this through an escape rooms venue!
We know because we have been doing this for 5 years.

Join our world, a world full of possibilities. We offer experience in construction and management of escape rooms, a combination that can give you a business solution tailored on your needs. What you get is a fun way to create profit over minimal expenses. It sounds generic but it really is the case.

What you get:

Escape Rooms construction & installation (in the same way as plan 1 – buy a single escape room).
Responsive website & online booking system.
ERP backend services.
Sales & Marketing Guides & plans.
Brand Identity; Logos, Offline & Online Campaigns Design, Labeling, Merchandise design.

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