Escape rooms are a well-established part of alternative entertainment for all ages which is thriving all around the world. In short terms, an escape room is a themed space with special scenery, decoration, lighting, special effects, where a group of people (usually 2-6) are getting locked inside. The group has to play a game of riddles, puzzles and skill tasks in order to escape within a given time (60’-90’ minutes). The themes can vary from crime scenes, mythical kingdoms, middle age castles, pirate ships till more horror themed venues.

Escape room venues have their rooms available for reservations. An average escape room can have between 3 to 9 different escape rooms available. The customers book their reservation for a visit at a single room through a booking system. Escape rooms tend to be popular among the age groups of 18-24, 25-34 but also 13-17 years-old. Escape room venues can host birthday parties, team building events and other group activities as their product is suitable for ages, making a very profitable business activity for entrepreneurs.

At The MindTrap, we have designed more than 65 different escape room scenarios and constructed them more than 160 times at our franchise venues, as well as at other venues around the world. We offer two different types of options to you. (A) Room construction. With this option, you choose the scenario/s you wish to have at your escape room, and we make them happen for you. (B) We create a whole The MindTrap venue for you. With this plan, except from the rooms, you get a full business package that includes business operation tools, marketing packages and everything you need to kickstart your venue.

Our pricelist for each escape room begins from 29.000€. This price includes the original game scenario, all the game constructions and automations, the special electrical props included in the game experience, padlocks, special effects hardware and devices, decoration & furniture, styrofoam wall scenery, game play documents, FAQ & troubleshooting manuals, riddle & room graphic designs prints, staff operation training and online support & troubleshooting.

Game material shipping is not included in the above plan. Also, staff transport, accommodation & board are also not included.

Once you choose the desired rooms from our list, we will create the plans for your venue. You will need to set up the drywall according to the plan you will receive, as well as have a basic electric installation of 240V available for each one of the spaces, an installation we will also guide you for through our electrical plans.

At first, this plan includes all the escape room construction plan as described in Scenario (A). In addition, you get CCTV equipment, computers and monitors for the administration of the game, brand logo & identity, indoor & outdoor branding design, decoration & labels, hands-on online booking system & website hosting & domain, business emails, digital media set up (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor), marketing & sales plan and guidelines, standard promotion campaigning & graphic designs (online/offline), merchandise & shop concept & designs. Finally, our sales plan includes a detailed guide in attracting & working with group events such as team building events & kids parties, something we have been doing successfully at our 14 venues, creating a considerable profit but also engaging with younger audiences & future returning visitors. The total cost of this plan begins from 150.000€.

Scenario (B) does not include the same points with scenario (A) as seen above.

You will need to have some basic space preparation ready, which is the same with scenario (A) as described above.

The delivery time varies depending on the type of project and the number of escape rooms you wish to create. Roughly, it takes 30 days for the delivery of all the material of an escape room, 90 days for the delivery of three (3) or more rooms. The delivery time for a whole The MindTrap Venue is upon discussion, but you should consider that it will take 130 days to deliver the project to you.

The answer is yes. Comparing with other approaches you can find in our industry, The MindTrap Team gives a very

The overall price of your investment breaks to 50% of the sum along with the agreement and 50% once the project is completed.

Among the material delivered to you, is operation manuals for all the different constructions, troubleshooting with possible misuse by the players, and ways to fix the possible damages caused by the bad use. These are all crafted through our experience in running the rooms to our The MindTrap venues, not just creating them. In addition, you get online live support (primarily via Skype) in order to investigate the issue and provide you with suggestions and solutions. If the issue is caused by a mishap of the construction, we make sure to send you some replacement parts.