Silent Hills pt. 2

March 21, 2019 Silent Hills pt. 2

An escape room story worth telling.

The MindTrap was one of the very first escape room companies around the world to introduce live performance in its rooms. In 2014, The MindTrap launched Cursed Hill, a 120 sq. meter experience with 5 sub-rooms, an amazing scenery and various special effects that created a remarkable entertainment memory to the thousands of customers that visited it. Therefore, the stakes were very high when the company decided to create a sequel to the first part.

The plan was that the sequel, Cursed Hill pt2, should be the most intriguing, horrifying and enjoyable escape room ever created. The venue chosen to host this room was The MindTrap Piraeus in Athens, Greece, where the first part was already functioning there for three years.

The space taken for the project was a little less than 200 sq. meters. A square floor that through the drywall design, was transformed to a labyrinth with a repetitive scenery, giving to the players the sense that no matter how much they walk inside the room, they still end up at the same place. Across the halls and passages of the labyrinth, secret doors for the entrance of the performers were constructed. The actors had a flexible entrance to almost any place inside the room. The special effects, all designed through Raspberry and Arduino electronics, combined a sound system with hidden subwoofers inside the rooms, lighting system and electronically moving props. Most of them were automatically triggered but also ending up to a pad operated by the game master, giving a manual, therefore better administration of the experience, tailoring it to the exact game of every team.

200 sq. meters. 90 minutes. Triple performance. All in all, Cursed Hill pt 2 is creating history in one of the most competitive markets in the escape room industry, the market of Athens, where around 250 escape room companies are operating for a population of 4 million people. The MindTrap managed to create a sequel better than the original, and now the ultimate mission would be to become even better in crafting a third part.