The Cube

March 21, 2019 The Cube

A mobile escape game like no other.

The MindTrap is successfully sustaining a 14-venue franchise network, and also expanding its client list to parts all around the world. Part of the successful progress is the solutions that The MindTrap gives to its venues for an awesome promotion of their services. Except from using The Box, a multiplayer portable riddle and escape game that can fit up to 50 players playing simultaneously, The MindTrap has just created The Cube, a 20 sq. meter mobile escape room with an Ancient-Egypt theme.

The Cube is a fine solution, with solid construction, styrofoam scenery both in the exterior and interior of the room, and insanely detailed and Egyptian themed props and constructions. This massive construction is made so that one can install it from scratch in 3-4 hours. All that it needs is just a power fuse to get the lights, music, effects, magnet doors and air conditioning to work. The Cube is a perfect solution for escape rooms that wish to expand their reputation to the highest level in outdoor/indoor presence, for businesses that are willing to combine their brand expansion with sales success through renting it to other venues like hotels. Finally, the Cube can be used as a means of promotion for other industries that wish to expand their events through hiring such a project.