The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos

March 21, 2019 The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos

A unique escape room venue.

The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos is located at the heart of the largest mall of the Balkans and southeast Europe, Mediterranean Cosmos. There, thousands of visitors from all over the world have a chance to combine their shopping with a remarkable escape room experience.

The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos had been a challenging task, as a major renovation had to take place so that everything would look neat for the visitors. The venue had some amazing potentials because of the large available space and the vast target group mixture of locals with tourists. The MindTrap raised the bar high and developed a full plan that included the quick and enough service of tourists, the operation of offers and packages to the local publics through 7 immersive and adventurous escape rooms. The MindTrap decided to spare some space of the rooms capacity in order to give space to a large venue hall that could be used primarily for birthday parties, but also team building events, corporate presentations and other events.

The kids party industry is an everlasting source of income and possibilities for those who provide an excellent service. The MindTrap is already giving space for the combination of escape games with the hosting of events and parties, which except of providing its venues with a high profit operation, it opens its doors to minor ages, securing the future of its product. The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos is hosting hundreds of parties every year, gaining a valuable experience in how to be a venue that creates profit from many services except than just the game. Services that apply to all age groups and all different interests.

The MindTrap Mediterranean Cosmos

11th km Thessaloniki – Moudania National Road Thessaloniki, Greece